tree barg rossMYTH AND LEGEND SINCE 1980

On a gloomy October day in the year 1980 the doors opened for the legendary "old" Baumbar. After a few days, the whole event turned this establishment.

From the old Baumbar many stories are told. Listening to order, almost everyone knows Pinzgauer of the good old days to report in the Baumbar. Stories from the Brand of the "old Baumbar" to memories of dancing the night away at "Angie - Mother tab" at the bar So looks the legend Baumbar a long history as an innovative disco at the entrance to Kaprun back.. Closely related to Kaprun, were great with the discotheque two generations. In the Baumbar everything met had prestigious names.

In October 2011 the discotheque Baumbar newly opened. Considering the old traditions and the history of Baumbar the discotheque is breathed a wind of a new generation. The Baumbar should be a club, a discotheque for Pinzgau. The times may have changed, but one thing remained the same: You still have the legendary goals to get there where unforgettable parties have always been celebrated and good music is played! Because in the Baumbar has always been the motto: Party is our life!

Kitsch and Bitter
kitsch bitterThe Kitsch & Bitter Bar has built an impressive reputation in many years. Our DJs provide the matching rhythms - humor comes in our Kitsch & Bitter in early in the evening. The party at the Kitsch & Bitter going until the early morning hours. Dancing, laughing and flirting or just celebrations are daily in the program. The drinks or cocktails come fast and iced - the bar team knows his craft.